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Light Up 2 Meters 8-30-2020

Reposted from the “2 Meter FM Simplex” facebook group…

Light Up 2 Meters Night
An FM Simplex Event
Sunday, August 30, 2020
6PM to 8PM Local Time
On and around 146.52 MHz

Almost every amateur radio operator has a radio that is capable of to meter FM Simplex, it could be a handheld transceiver or an all mode fixed station with stacked vertically polarized yagis, it is the most common band/mode that can connect all amateurs. Whether you operate out in the field, from your mobile, or in your shack, Light Up 2 Meters Night is an opportunity to make new contacts, give your equipment a test, and maybe learn a thing or two about your equipment’s capabilities, so join us for the fun on August 30 at 6pm local time.

Since most 2 meter FM simplex operation is local, your frequency may vary, 146.52 is a good start in most of the USA, however, most simplex activity may be on a different frequency in your local area. The event time is also local, 6PM to 8PM in the time where you are, you don’t have to limit your operations to this time, especially if you are on the edge of a time zone, it is just a window to concentrate the on the air activity so that many contacts are made.

This is not a contest, but you are encouraged to share your experiences with others, via your local nets, clubs, social Internet platforms, etc. So, keep a log of your contacts, share a picture of your station, or maybe take a video of a good simplex contact being made. The purpose is to bring hams together on a common band mode, to find out our station’s capabilities, to make new contacts, and to have fun.

Net Control, Anywhere!

Making the Simplex Net happen each week requires the volunteer services of at least four net control operators that are spread out throughout our working footprint. So what happens when we run short? Somebody has to pick up and move their operations to a suitable location. Last week (5/23/2020) our existing Southern net control operators were unavailable due to other personal commitments and radios that were out of service.

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What Can Simplex Do for Me?

Simplex on VHF for the most part these days is dead. Or is it?

Read the latest articles in your favorite ham magazine and you will find more opinions then you want. Some say “I listen 16 hours a day and never hear anything” while others seem to live in a simplex paradise and make contacts daily. So my question is: what makes the difference?

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