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Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve

On 7/25/2020, K3MJN operated during the Simplex Net from the Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve. Approximate elevation 1070’ ASL. Operated with a Yaesu FT-2980 and the N9TAX Slin-Jim antenna.

Communications with all net control operators was possible at 30 watts transmission power and receive audio was very clear. Copied 90% of all check-ins direct.

Some notes about this location: cellular service is very spotty and the parking area closes at dusk. Closed means local police show up to chain the gates shut! Special thanks to the East Earl police department officer that accommodated my operating after dark.

Have you operated in the field for the simplex net? Submit your report on our contact page.

What Can Simplex Do for Me?

Simplex on VHF for the most part these days is dead. Or is it?

Read the latest articles in your favorite ham magazine and you will find more opinions then you want. Some say “I listen 16 hours a day and never hear anything” while others seem to live in a simplex paradise and make contacts daily. So my question is: what makes the difference?

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