Low-power Net Tonight

Tonight (5/29/2021) the Simplex Net will be low-power. Turn your transceiver output power to 10W or less. This should be a very exciting net, simulating an area-wide power disruption. We’re assuming repeaters have lost backup power and radio operators are running low-power to conserve battery life. We need you to listen closely for net controls and calling stations. Please be ready to relay check-ins if net control can’t hear some stations.

This year, we’re running special events in the months that have a fifth Saturday. So for this 5th Sunday, we’re encouraging everyone to lower their transmit power to ten watts or less. You may operate from your home or find a hill-top field location for the best low-power experience. Note, the only restriction tonight is on power output. You’re encouraged to use a base or mobile transceiver with the best antenna available to you.

Net controls for the low-power Simplex Net are:
Central: K3MJN – Mike @ SPARC Site, Rapho Township
East:      KC3KMT – Ralph @ New Holland
South:    KC3OOK – Bill @ Oxford
West:     N3GE – Roger @ Elizabethtown

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