Log Book Session 6

Session 6 – 5/30/2020 @ 20:30 EDT

Highlights from this week’s net: We added a new net control station in the South. Bill (KC3OOK) from Oxford (Chester County) is the furthest south we’ve had a net control station so far. He only had two stations check-in (one was a duplicate) but he was clearly heard by stations in Elizabethtown and Ephrata. Meanwhile, we had some stations in Elizabethtown that were totally unreadable a few miles to the east in Rapho Township. We had Bob (W3TEY) act as a spur of the moment relay for most of the net to pass traffic between West and CEntral controls. He did an admirable job given no training. All of this occurred on the same day when there were reported band openings 2m, 6m , and 10m. Stations in Missouri were heard clearly in Lancaster County on 2m SSB during daylight hours. A strange day indeed.

Open the log for session 5 using this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vS99CX-8PYJMIeHFnUSgp_uBbZzDzM1_aHf8bs5oXg0nTUQHbH2c6zfjPHSXsS3xti8nNwbHxx7OMTO/pubhtml?gid=397119099&single=true

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