5th Saturday Special 4/30/22

On Saturday, April 30, 2022 the Central PA Simplex Net will hold a special “5th Saturday Net.” This one will be different from any of our previous weeks, we’ll use multiple frequencies. Our intent is to explore alternate frequencies for future Simplex nets and give particpants an opportunity to tune the VFO for a more active experience.

Each of the three net control zones will take check-ins simultaneously during all rounds by using a seperate frequency. Net participants are asked to check-in to a single net control zone on each round. By completing 3 rounds, all participants will have had an oppurtunity to check in with each zone. Central control will monitor the normal net frequency of 146.580 MHz. After each round, Central control will contract each zone control to confirm check-ins. West will be operating on 147.520 MHz, East will be on 146.415 MHz, and South will be on 144.430 MHZ.

The Simplex Net will start at the normal time of 8:30 pm EDT. After the net start announcment, each zone will run a 10 minute block of checkins. At the end of the ten minutes, Central control will reach out to each zone to take a log roll call. After all three zones have relayed the list for that block the next 10 minute block will start.

Please, all stations are asked to only check in with one zone per 10 minute block. Overall check-ins will be up significantly, but the participant count should stay about the same or hopefully slightly higher.

Central146.580 MHzNet Control
East146.415 MHzCheck-ins
South144.430 MHzCheck-ins
West147.520 MHzCheck-ins
Frequency Plan for 4/30/22 Central PA Simplex Net